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BuyProfEssay is amongst the online penning companies that has been around for quite a while, this being a good reason for our appeal. But nevertheless, we couldn’t help although discover a difference in between 12 years stated in the “about us” page and the trademark states on the webpage, which aimed toward seven years. There was in addition no mention of a rebranding. However, we certainly not let very first opinions affect our outcome. We opted for continue as always.

First of all, we did a little research as to see where this organization stands on the sector. We wisely researched their guarantees and price tags, we read through customer feedback on neutral webpages, in order to have a general concept of the community's experience and then we were ready. Considering the fact that we were sure it wouldn’t be fraud or scam, we set our own request so that we can see the options for ourselves. Starting out, what does it guarantee?


Offerings Provided

BuyProfEssay.com provides online copywriting options focused towards a college niche. A number of the classic mentions would be documents, research and term articles, dissertations, editing, proofreading, to name a few. Primarily any sort of copywriting that learners from most of levels of learning, starting with high school, may need.



The costs are unreasonably huge. The undergraduate paper we requested costed at $23/page, with the typical price tag on the marketplace being nearer to $13/page. As you would imagine at this point, there is nothing about the standard that can make a case for the prices.


Offering Quality

As already stated, we purchased an article for the undergraduate degree to be able to receive first-hand knowledge using the website’s options. We chose an basicniche, an overall length of 5 pages and a comfortable due date of 14 days. The document shouldn't have been tense for any kind of respected company.

The end result, on the other hand, was especially disappointing. It was totally obvious that the article author used weren't experienced for the task. Our paper had plenty of cases of awful grammar and expressions, poor sentence structure and a wide range of some other signs that pointed towards somebody who didn't truly feel relaxed using the English language.

Viewing customer feedback from resources not related to the official web page, we determined a large number of complaints following the exact same lines. The reality is very different from what past customer testimonials on BuyProfEssay would have you assume.


Client support

The consumer support dept turned out to be especially unskilled when it got to mending our concerns. We were extremely well mannered and reasonable with our requirements, merely to be abandoned expecting a lot more than 2 days ahead of getting a revision affirmation. What’s a lot more, it could have been longer, had we not contacted help out of our own effort and questioned upgrades. We were as well warned that changes would cost more money. It is not appropriate that the consumer cost for the article writer’s issues.



We took advantage of a promo code as completely new consumers, but we didn’t witness any facts relating to regular coupon codes.


Bottom line

As it appears, Buy Prof Essay has absolutely nothing very good to deliver. Although it is not fraud or scam, college students are suggested to check anywhere else in relation to copywriting firms. Our status is 1 out of 5 stars.

Issues in Integrating Information Technology in Learning and Teaching EFL: the Saudi Experience by Al-Maini


            Al-Maini acknowledges the fact there are several challenges noted when integrating information technology within the process of teaching and learning EFL in intermediate schools in Saudi Arabia’s capital city. Within the article , “Issues in Integrating Information Technology in Learning and Teaching EFL: the Saudi Experience”, Al-Maini refers to the Watani project to provide a picture of the information background to the use of IT in education in the region. Al-Maini adopts an interpretative approach in the article where the author provides an insight into the current state of the utilization of ICT facilities in two intermediate schools in the region.

            In the Abstract section of the research, the author outlines the need of the study by looking into the background of the research. The author also provides an outlook of the current state of the area of research. Furthermore, the author highlights the major issues that will be addressed in the article with regards to the exploitation of the potential of IT within the field of intermediate schools in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, within the Abstract, the author outlines the conclusion of the research. At this point, the author derives that requisite training foresees a great exploitation of IT when it comes learning English Language. As a result, it is highly recommended due to the fact that it can benefit both teachers and learners during it implementation.

            Within the introduction section of the article, the author introduces the main aspects discussed in the research. At this stage, Al-Maini explains that information communication technology plays a requisite role in the field of education by improving the learning and teaching process. The author depicts that ICT motivates learners, enhances teacher’s training and facilitates the process of acquiring basic skills. The author puts it that with the vast power of ICT to enhance education, the Saudi Arabian government should remain committed to enhancing its education administration through the adoption of the technology. The author shows that this can be achieved by equipping schools with computers that will expose them to the integrated network. This is one of the requirements of the Watni project that was onset in the year 2000. Despite this, the main goals of the  projects have not yet been ascertained due to the issues associated with the system. For instance, lack of confidence in utilizing the technology within the classroom is one of the drawbacks noted.

            The author further provides a definition of ICT as a link between informatics technology and other associated technologies, particularly communication technology. Additionally, ICT can also be defined as a set of technologies aimed at manipulating, storing or creating data for user access. With the provided definitions it is evident that ICT tools can improve on the ability of teachers and learners when implemented in the field of education.

            By looking at the background section of the article, it is prevalent that the author points out that ICT has benefited the education field by enhancing communication between the teacher and students. With the Watani project, the Ministry of education was to easily communicate with schools in Saudi Arabia through the incorporation of computers and internet in classrooms. The project was to be accomplished in a set of 4 phases such as design, extension, completion, and follow-up stage. Thereafter, the teachers were to be provided with guides and e-books teaching. Furthermore, the author reveals the Tatweer project that the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia was to utilize in boosting teaching and learning in classrooms. The present study section shows that the current research is a qualitative research that is descriptive in nature. The research is conducted in Riyadh with an aim of  exploring English teaching as a foreign language.

            Under the section of “Status and the use of ICT facilities” it is evident that computers enhance language learning through the implementation of a communicative approach. Despite this, the author shows that in Riyadh, schools that had computers and network systems installed utilized the systems for administration purposes other than learning. For instance, the systems were used for storing assignments with the emails replacing paper communication. However, most schools in the region had a learning network in place where theoretical learning was carried out. Al-Maini shows that interviewed English teachers recognized the fact that modern technology implemented in teaching English greatly benefited the process of teaching. Despite this, governmental intermediate schools in the region did not have language laboratories. This is accrued to a number of reasons such as lack of necessary training, high costs of equipment and teacher resistance. As a result, the teachers implemented the text-book method as well as grammar translation when teaching English. This did not yield much positive results in the learning outcome. Additionally, a teacher with over 20 years experience considered the use of ICT in teaching as an additional task and preferred the use of the traditional form of teaching over the ICT-based one. The author also shows that teacher resistance to the use of technology in teaching meant drifting away from the current methods implemented in learning which means a discipline breakdown among the students. Despite the presented concerns, lack of technical proficiency was the main reason why teachers refrain from the use of ICT in teaching English language in Riyadh.

            Under “Training”, the author shows that the confidence and competence of the teachers in utilizing technology in teaching English can only be enhanced through training. Training will expose the teacher to technology usage and enhance their skills hence integrate the technology in teaching. In-service training is one of the trainings to be considered in this case. Within the section of “Budget and Resource Constraints”, the author shows that inadequacy of resources makes it difficult for teachers to implement the use of technology in teaching English language. Besides, shortage of the ICT facilities also act as hindrance factors. The conclusion section provides a recap of the main points discussed in the article.

            Having looked at the presented research closely, it is evident that the author has developed the concept of the use of ICT in teaching and learning well. It is easy to understand the issues that are discouraging the implementation of the ICT technology in learning English Language in governmental intermediate schools in Riyadh. The fact that the author has subheading for the work makes it easier to identify the actions to be implemented to ensure the implementation of the technology in learning. Despite this, the author should have considered using tables and graphs to outlines the research findings. This would make it easier to understand the research finding other than going through the entire section documenting the findings. 

EssayBox.com Detailed Review: Products and Services

The target audience of EssayBox.com includes students, job seekers and business professionals. The purpose of our review is to provide objective information about EssayBox products and services so that potential clients should know whether to opt for this company or not.

For this evaluation, we followed the same steps as usual. We analyzed the content of the official website, the testimonials published there, as well as the samples they posted. But the most important aspect is that we always order a paper from the company, which can provide us the real customer experience for this Essaybox review

Furthermore, we always look for the opinion of other clients and read customer reviews from various sources, such as social media and specialized platforms. We take into consideration their score rating, discounts, and other benefits, as well.

What Products They Offer
Essay Box products and services are varied, ranging from academic writing services to copywriting services for businesses.

In terms of academic writing, a client can order almost any type of assignment from them, such as term papers, essays, research papers, etc.

They also have a section for job seekers who can order a CV, resume, or cover letter from EssayBox.com.

When it comes to business writing, the company provides a wide array of services, from blog posts and SEO content to business proposals.

What about Their Product’s Quality?
As we expected, their on-site testimonials are all positive, but when we searched for customer reviews in other places on the Internet, we discovered a multitude of issues.

Most of the customers complained about papers loaded with grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, another common problem seems to be the lack of evidence or proof for the papers’ statements.

The essay we ordered was nothing extraordinary, but a common topic. Unfortunately, when we received it, all the problems we read about before have been confirmed. The paper was full of grammar errors that would make any reader cringe, and the ideas presented were weak and not supported by any piece of evidence.

The next step was to contact the customer support department. Even though the employees were polite and they listened and seemed to understand our complaint, they were not able to come with any acceptable solution to it.

Prices, Discounts, Coupon Codes & Other Benefits
When you access their website, it is evident that their prices are clearly over the top. In fact, the lowest price per page is for a high school essay, with a 15-day deadline. Such a paper will cost you $22 per page. It is needless to say that this may go up quickly in the case of an urgent or more elaborate article.

More surprising is that we did not find any information about discounts, first-time customer offers, coupon codes or promo code deals on their website, blog, or anywhere else on the Internet.

In conclusion, even though EssayBox.com is not fraud or scam because it is not illegal and customers actually receive their products, we do not recommend this company. The prices are exorbitant, while the quality is awful.

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