Detailed Review: Products and Services

The target audience of includes students, job seekers and business professionals. The purpose of our review is to provide objective information about EssayBox products and services so that potential clients should know whether to opt for this company or not.

For this evaluation, we followed the same steps as usual. We analyzed the content of the official website, the testimonials published there, as well as the samples they posted. But the most important aspect is that we always order a paper from the company, which can provide us the real customer experience for this Essaybox review

Furthermore, we always look for the opinion of other clients and read customer reviews from various sources, such as social media and specialized platforms. We take into consideration their score rating, discounts, and other benefits, as well.

What Products They Offer
Essay Box products and services are varied, ranging from academic writing services to copywriting services for businesses.

In terms of academic writing, a client can order almost any type of assignment from them, such as term papers, essays, research papers, etc.

They also have a section for job seekers who can order a CV, resume, or cover letter from

When it comes to business writing, the company provides a wide array of services, from blog posts and SEO content to business proposals.

What about Their Product’s Quality?
As we expected, their on-site testimonials are all positive, but when we searched for customer reviews in other places on the Internet, we discovered a multitude of issues.

Most of the customers complained about papers loaded with grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, another common problem seems to be the lack of evidence or proof for the papers’ statements.

The essay we ordered was nothing extraordinary, but a common topic. Unfortunately, when we received it, all the problems we read about before have been confirmed. The paper was full of grammar errors that would make any reader cringe, and the ideas presented were weak and not supported by any piece of evidence.

The next step was to contact the customer support department. Even though the employees were polite and they listened and seemed to understand our complaint, they were not able to come with any acceptable solution to it.

Prices, Discounts, Coupon Codes & Other Benefits
When you access their website, it is evident that their prices are clearly over the top. In fact, the lowest price per page is for a high school essay, with a 15-day deadline. Such a paper will cost you $22 per page. It is needless to say that this may go up quickly in the case of an urgent or more elaborate article.

More surprising is that we did not find any information about discounts, first-time customer offers, coupon codes or promo code deals on their website, blog, or anywhere else on the Internet.

In conclusion, even though is not fraud or scam because it is not illegal and customers actually receive their products, we do not recommend this company. The prices are exorbitant, while the quality is awful.



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